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Need to conduct fire safety compliance checks at your Australian home or business? Call Calais Industries on 0423 875 506
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Fire & Safety Compliance

Qualified fire safety compliance checks for Australian homes and businesses

Need a team of qualified professionals to ensure your property is fire safety compliant? Have a chat to the team at Calais Industries! Our experienced Australian team offers affordable fire safety compliance testing services to home owners and businesses, Australia wide. Just call us today to see how easy and inexpensive it can be to get the fire safety compliance tick of approval for your property.

Calais Fire and Safety

Calais Fire & Safety

Why choose Calais and Fire Safety for your fire safety compliance testing needs? We offer:

  • Competent testing by industry qualified personnel
  • Full compliance reporting as per Australian Standard
  • Competitive rates
  • End of month billing terms
  • Full record keeping and document storage for seven years
  • Arrangement of mutual time directly with tenant
  • Reliable service with ease of contact and communication

CFS Annual Plan

Our annual plan covers:

  • Visual inspection and reporting of all smoke detectors
  • Remove and clean all ventilation holes of dust or insects
  • Free replenishment of 9V alkaline batteries as required
  • Testing of each unit for audible alarm via test button and artificial smoke
  • Check all units comply with NSW building code and are within manufacturers expiry date
  • Free replacement of all faulty, damaged, and expired 9v photoelectric smoke alarms
  • Arrangement for replacement of any faulty 240V alarms with tenant or landlord
  • All reports available within 7 days of compliance inspection, with records stored and available for 7 years
  • Annual period covers two service visits per calendar year per property with existing tenant, but excludes new tenant contracts that exceed the two visits
  • Annual certificate of compliance to be issued in accordance with AS 1851-2012, section 1 for proof of due diligence.

Call today to find out more about our fire safety compliance annual, plan and how it will help you keep your property safe and secure when it comes to fire!


For more information about our fire safety compliance testing solutions, call 0423 875 506