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Genie Grips

The Problem:

Products shifting and sliding off forklift tynes during transport…

When transporting products such as metal rods, plastic containers, frozen or refrigerated pallets, finished product or food and beverages. forklift loads may shift, slide and become unstable during transport, loading or storing. This can be particularly dangerous if moving chemicals or other hazardous materials. Finished products and their packaging can be scratched or damaged by bare metal tynes resulting in significant rework time and loss of product.

The Solution:

The GenieGrips System

GenieGrips® Mats are the smarter, safer way to transport goods by forklift. They function as a protective mat that covers the tops and sides of a forklift tyne. GarieGrips® Mats prevent loads shifting. sUpping and falling during transport. They are easy to fit and remove providing an effective inexpensive way of minimizing instances of damage to products. GenieGrips® Mats are manufactured from bright yellow. compound rubber that features a patented anti-sup tread, providing exceptional grip and stability. This material is oil resistant. non-marking. and can withstand temperatures ftcm-40.c to 1.1.0.c. ensuring that your goods are transported safety and securely minimizing the risk of injury or damage. GenieGrips® Mats am designed for all industry sectors and any business involving materials handling. They offer unbeatable performance and exceptional longevity. Available in various lengths and widths. our forklift mats are suitable for all kinds of forklift tynes. big or small

Why choose GenieGrips?

  • Anti-slip surface
  • Prevention of damage to goods
  • Protection of tyne surface
  • Non marking rubber compound
  • Rubber compound can be used from -40.c to 3.3.0.c environments
  • Oil resistant rubber compound
  • Lock in mechanism with secure toe cap and heel hook
  • Easily fitted and removed
  • Hinged joint makes grips easy to store away
  • Bright visible yellow rubber for maximum safety

Learn how to measure and fit your new Genie Grips by visiting Mats Training Page. Or, give us a call on 0423 875 506 – we’d be happy to help you out!